Monday, April 21, 2014

Mud Mania 2014

I couldn't resist giving it another go this year! As always I had a blast and enjoyed each muddy minute of it! A group of girl friends and I participated this year and dressed as the YMCA group! Lots of Fun!
My cheering section waiting for me to head up that hill!
 Mindy and me!

 The finish line!
 They were excited about my medal but not so sure about getting too close to me!
 Our friend, April, came out to cheer us on!
 The whole crew!
 And yes, Sarah went home in a garbage bag!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our Magical Time in Disney!

We have been talking about taking the girls to Disney for a few years and finally decided they were both old enough to enjoy it! Kasey and I decided that their "big present" this year at Christmas would be to surprise them with the trip. We bought a Mickey Balloon and some Princess balloons and wrapped them up for the big surprise! They were both excited but I don't think it really sunk in until we actually got there (end of January 2014).
We decided that 2 days at Magic Kingdom and 1 Day at Animal Kingdom would be about as much as they could handle and I think we estimated just about right! We enjoyed every minute of it and will treasure these memories forever!

I had to start off with the pictures from meeting the Princess and Characters. We all enjoyed meeting them and riding the rides, but as a mom to watch your little girls meet their favorite princess for the very first time, is just something very special. Hard to put into words...actually made me a little teary!
We met Ariel first. She was so sweet to the girls and Noel had planned to tell her about our new Kittens! It was the sweetest thing! I think Ariel got a kick out of it and told Noel about her pet FISH, Flounder! Her grotto was very pretty and the Ariel ride was a lot of fun too!
 The next Princess we met was Belle. This was in the show "Enchanted Tales with Belle". It was very cute and one of the girls very favorite parts of the trip. The audience gets to walk through Maurice's Magic Mirror and the girls absolutely loved this part and talked about it the entire trip! They even got to be "characters" in the skit. Noel was the Dog/footstool and Vivian was the Fork and Spoon. To me, that was probably the most magical part of the trip! And it makes me a happy Momma because Belle is my favorite princess....a favorite of my sister and me!
 Cinderella was next. The girls thought she was very beautiful and loved getting to see her fancy dress.
 Aurora was in the same Princess Hall with Cinderella so they got to meet her too. We haven't watched this movie as much so they had lots of questions about her. Of course Noel loved her pink dress!
 The second day we meet Rapunzel. Tangled is one of the girls favorite movies so they were extremely excited to meet her. She even spun around in her dress for them and had them do the same. I thought that was great and of course the girls loved it!
 Snow White was in the Princess Hall with Rapunzel so we were lucky to meet her too. We do not have a Snow White dress up outfit, so of course Noel is asking for one now!
 In Fantasyland they have Pete's Silly Sideshow. So we got to meet Daisy and Minnie Mouse! WooHoo, loved this and both girls gave big hugs to these 2!

We of course took tons of pictures so I did my best to just pick my favorites!
This is us riding on the Monorail, ready to start our adventure!
 First sighting of Cinderella's Castle!
 Walt Disney and Mickey!
 Our first ride in the TEACUPS! The girls loved this...I think we rode it 9 times!
The pure joy on their faces in this picture makes me so happy! Priceless memory!!
Day 2 at Magic Kingdom and of course we rode the Tea Cups some more! 


 Goofy's Barnstormer roller coaster was a big hit...
 Can you tell by Vivian's smile??
 Prince Charming's Royal Carousel! Another favorite that we rode multiple times!

 Tomorrowland Speedway!
 Vivian was Kasey's driver!
 Noel was mine...don't you just love how she is not looking at the road at all?? So glad they were on rails! She loved driving me, laughing and smiling the whole time!
 Ariel's ride!

 Visiting Ariel's grotto. Noel is telling her about the kittens! I love love this!
We enjoyed the afternoon parade! Vivian had so much fun dancing and waving to the characters!

 ....Noel took a little nap!
While Noel was napping, Vivian and I snuck off and rode Space Mountain! This girl rode in the very first seat! I rode behind her and held on tight to her shoulders since the ride is in the dark!
 This is after! She loved it!!
 Waiting for the light show and fireworks!

 Day Two! We started with exploring in the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House!
 The Flying carpets!
 The river ride!
 We conquered Thunder Mountain! The girls both LOVED this ride!!
 More royal carousal rides!

Team Teacup!! They could have stayed on all day!!!
 Riding Orbits! Beautiful at night!
 Night 2...Fireworks! Beautiful!!!

 Vivian loving on her Daddy!

Day 3...Animal Kingdom. We started the day with the Safari Ride!

 The "Tree of Life"

Riding Everest!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"It's A Bugs Life!"
The river safari! We got drenched!!!!
 Our last night out to dinner with a bid dessert celebration! What a wonderful trip with memories to cherish for a lifetime!